ann jenkins jewelry



  Ann began working as a studio jeweler in 1980 first doing local fairs in her native Louisville, Kentucky. 

  By 1983 she exhibited her work at the Baltimore American Craft Council Show. Since that time her work has 

 appeared in galleries across the United States in invitational shows and as a represented artist. An interest 

 in non-traditional forms of jewelry and sculpture led Ann and her sculptor husband, William Keith, to design 

   pieces incorporating paint, markers and color prints on formed metal and later, jewelry collages 

   made of aluminum soda can imagery combined with carved acrylic. Ann's current work combines this 

   non-traditional bent with her long held interest in the natural world. The resulting pieces are spare, direct 

   and center attention on found natural objects. Ann and Bill live in Bar Harbor, Maine near Acadia National Park 

and welcome visitors to their studio and garden.